For buyers thinking about purchasing FedEx routes, Capital Route Sales is the leader to turn to for detailed information about the FedEx business model, valuable market data insights and how to navigate the FedEx approval process.

about the business

Learn the history of how the delivery
route business came to be.

isp model

The new ISP model is scheduled to be
completed by May of 2020, and with
P&D Contractors now overlapping, they
can consolidate their routes and run
a more efficient operation.

Route Financing

We work with a network of lenders who
specialize in providing loans for buyers
seeking FedEx route financing.

Ownership and approval process

FedEx requires new buyers of P&D or
Line haul routes to a complete
a detailed approval process.

Buyer FAQ

Get the answers to our most
frequently asked questions.

How to conduct due diligence

Most due diligence periods are 30 days
or less. This is done to establish assets
and liabilities to evaluate commercial
potential of a route.


Interested in knowing FedEx route sales data from the past several years? Look no further.

We’ve pulled some historical data from several FedEx sales from 2017 to present. As the years go on, it is apparent that businesses are selling for a higher ratio when looking at the annual gross revenue versus the reported cash flow. These ratios, or multiples are showing a higher multiple and sale price as time progresses.

I recently sold my FedEx routes through the brokerage services of Capital Route Sales. I cannot imagine the process going any smoother than it did.

Ron L.

Former FedEx Route Owner

Adam was the perfect choice when we decided to sell our FedEx routes. When we decided to sell, I called Adam and I am glad I did. We had 2 offers in less than 2 weeks. He and his team were nothing but professional and thorough this whole process. I knew I could count on him from day one!

Jon P.

Former FedEx Route Owner

I was looking for a business for over a year until I found Adam. He helped me find FedEx routes and was very helpful and professional through the whole process-from the beginning to close. I will continue doing business with him and highly recommend his services for anyone who is looking for an honest and trustworthy broker to work with.

Gabriel Marcovich

DGI Logistics Inc.

My experience with Capital Route Sales was great. Adam was very helpful in getting is through a very large and complex purchase. He kept the sale on track and we finished on time. He returns your call promptly and handles all the problems that come with purchasing a business. I highly recommend Capital Route Sales!

Brad Page

President, Lakeshore Logistics