FedEx Ground announces ISP transition by 2020

Today marks a major milestone for FedEx contractors system wide, as FedEx transitions its remaining U.S. districts to the ISP model. This will be great for business and offer longer contract terms for contractors. The big take away for potential buyers is you have to own at least 5 routes or hit the 500 stop…

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ISP transition Q&A.

Transition Q&A District-specific Q&A will be supplied in advance of each district’s transition, containing information unique to that transition. GENERAL What is an Independent Service Provider (ISP) Agreement?An ISP Agreement is a negotiated contract between a business (ISP) and FedEx Ground that includes a range of negotiable financial and non-financial terms.An ISP is an incorporated…

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FedEx Ground announces transition to ISP.

January 28, 2016 Since 1985, FedEx Ground has successfully contracted with thousands of independent businesses to deliver outstanding customer experiences. Today, we are announcing an important step forward. FedEx Ground will transition its remaining U.S. districts to the Independent Service Provider Agreement (ISP Agreement). All U.S. P&D contracted service providers (CSPs) will operate under an…

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