How much are my routes worth? FREE Valuation!

We offer a free, no-obligation opinion of value to anyone considering selling their FedEx Ground business.  As a former contractor, I understand the complexities of owning and operating a route business.  I treat every opinion of value as if it was my own company and offer suggestions and advice on how we could potentially structure a deal.  We factor in current, actual data and share that with you to demonstrate how we arrived at our price points.  Our goal is to get you top dollar for the business that you’ve worked so hard at.  Email me requesting an opinion of value to get started with your free opinion of value.  I will respond with a secure link to upload your documents and schedule a call to get to know you and your operation. You can email me at 

Routes trade for 3x to 3.5x its free cash flow.  Line Haul trades for 3.5x to 4x its free cash flow. A complimentary market report from our friends at GCF Valuation is attached below.


Insider Tip
It doesn’t matter what you think your business is worth or what you want for it. It also doesn’t matter what your accountant, banker, attorney, or best friend thinks your business is worth. Only the marketplace can decide what the value of your business is.