Why Choose Capital Route Sales?

With over 14 years of experience in the industry, running routes, buying and selling we have been in your position before and understand the value of having a trusted partner.  We have closed over 100 FedEx Ground transactions across the country and our knowledge of the FedEx transition is crucical to our success.  At any given time we are helping 10-20 clients sell their business.  This offers you personalized 1 on 1 service and you don’t have to go through 50 employees to get to the owner.  Each time you call my office, I pick up the phone!  You won’t get lost in 100’s of listings like other brokers, same may sell other routes besides FedEx Ground routes.  

Capital Route Sales has several thousand visitors a month to our website and all of our listings are positioned in the top tiered options to get you maximum exposure.