A decade of growth in only eight weeks!

This is the crazy stat of the year!  A recent Bank of America, U.S. Department of Commerce and Shawspring research study shows the tremendous impacts that COVID-19 placed on E-commerce growth.  From March 1 until April 2020 we experienced a decade’s worth of growth in just eight weeks!  The numbers have been holding steady even with unemployment benefits expiring across the country.  We believe that consumers enjoy the convenience of shopping at home in their PJ’s vs going out and potentially exposing themselves to the virus.

How did contractors handle the growth?

The number one thing contractors must do is always have a hiring plan in place.  With a lot of folks being laid off, this created a pool of new candidates that we didn’t have back in 2019.  We recommend having several ads out, utilizing recruiters, and having a driver referral program in place to keep the candidates flowing into your company.

Having a great relationship with your local truck rental companies is also key.  Don’t depend on just one!  Also, contractors had to compromise and buy trucks they typically wouldn’t buy.  As long as your driver can get the job done, that’s what matters the most!