COVID-19 and how it’s impacting business

We hope everyone is staying safe out there and enjoying the extra time with their families.  Junior is getting a kick out of using the conference room while he learns online.  We can’t wait to add him to the staff in a few more years!  We continue to work normal hours to serve our customers.

I’ve recently polled several contractors to see how they are doing this time.  Across the board, several key things have stuck out.

  1. Volume has increased from everyone shopping from home.  Everyone is experiencing peak type numbers.
  2. Hiring is shifting in favor of the contractor with layoffs happening in other sectors.  Most contractors are adding 2-4 drivers to their pool of drivers.  This acts as a backup to the volume, and possibility of any drivers getting sick.  The hiring process has been amended due to the courts being closed, background checks will be completed once the court reopens.
  3. No signatures are required at this time.  Delivery companies have suspended all signatures to limit customers from touching the scanner.
  4. Delivery Contractors are exempt from curfews and orders to stay indoors due to the crucial role they play in maintaining the economy.

I have faith that American will come out stronger on the back end of this ordeal!  Capital Route Sales is not endorsed, recommended, or affiliated with FedEx Ground.  We are a small business that specializes in helping FedEx Ground Contractors sell their routes.