FedEx Ground’s Delivery Optimization Initiative Coming Soon

As announced via in April, FedEx Ground will soon launch its Delivery Optimization initiative in phases across the U.S. This is one of many ongoing efforts to further integrate and maximize capacity within the FedEx Ground Ground/SmartPost networks.

What is Delivery Optimization?
Delivery Optimization aims to increase efficiencies and flexibility, while seamlessly transitioning deliveries based on business and operational needs. The initiative enables FedEx Ground to transfer certain FedEx SmartPost service shipments – that meet predetermined criteria – to the Ground network for last mile delivery service.

How will this impact CSP businesses?
FedEx Ground will implement behind-the-scenes I.T. enhancements for a seamless transition. As a result of this change, certain Ground/Home Delivery CSPs could potentially experience additional stops or additional volume at existing stops.

There may be even more opportunities to deliver additional SmartPost volume within the Ground network, with potential settlement modifications. FedEx Ground is currently evaluating these opportunities and will provide additional details if modifications are made.

In addition, CSP personnel may see a SmartPost label (pictured) with USPS markings on shipments. Please note that scanners will accept these packages and be able to scan these barcodes as they normally would any Ground barcode.