Follow-up to yesterdays groundbreaking news of FedEx one

Happy Master’s Week to everyone!  I always felt the start of the Master’s was the unofficial start of spring.  We may or may not have extra monitors on the desk watching the golf coverage.  We are heading out there this Saturday for our first Master’s visit, and despite the rain forecast, we are looking forward to it.

Yesterday we had groundbreaking news (pardon the pun) on FedEx rolling up most of its divisions into one unit.  The exception being the FedEx Freight unit will still be its division.  This has been in the works for quite some time now. It was always a matter of if or when they would do it.

  • Yesterday’s announcement will not affect service providers’ current agreements with FedEx Ground. 
  • FedEx will continue operating a model utilizing P&D and linehaul service providers.  
  • One van, one neighborhood

The last line is the most important thing to take away.  This will bring additional volume for service providers, and help routes become even more efficient.  We will continue to provide updates as we get them.