When should I get pre-qualified to buy a business?

Fedex route Routes for Sale

Similar to buying a house, one of the first steps buyer candidates should take when buying a business is to get pre-qualified for financing. Fortunately, our SBA lenders can assist you with various financing options.

Here are three reasons you should get pre-qualified early:

  1. Determine fundability. Using a pre-qual tool, candidates can find out not only whether they qualify for funding, but also which funding methods would work for them.
  2. Nail down a business budget.  A pre-qual tool instantly calculates an individual’s maximum funding amount so candidates can narrow down their business search to opportunities that fall within their financial limits.
  3. Compare financing options. The tool also provides a comparison chart of a candidate’s eligible financing methods so they can easily see how each option differs in terms of monthly repayments, interest rates, etc.

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